About Apps

Ever since the mobile phone became powerful enough to go online with it and download additional programs on it, the app-industry started to emerge. Due to the overwhelming success of Appleā€™s iPhone and the App Store in 2006, the term app became a synonym for any software application that can be installed on a telephone or tablet.

Although the term app is only an indication that the game is installed on a mobile carrier (just like the term book only indicates that your story is printed on hardbound pages made from paper) most people will instinctively know that the game is smaller and probably easier than games played on a modern desktop computer. Furthermore, apps kan utilise the specific hardware of a modern smartphone. Due to this, well developed apps can clearly stand out from games that you play in your internet browser or at home on a game console.

Nowadays smartphones are nothing less than a powerful portable computer. Therefore it is understandable that in addition to gaming, apps are very popular for banking, social media, lifestyle and all sorts of e-health solutions.

At Monobanda Digital we have made various games in app form. For the development of an app we use the same basic steps and route as for developing any other game. The nice thing of a mobile app is that there are a lot of extra possibilities all of a sudden. The many sensors, the touchscreen and the GPS can all be used for extra gameplay options.