About Games

The first game console that people could buy and plug into their television set at home, hit the stores in 1972. This was the Magnavox Odyssey and the machine couldn’t do much more than produce a little white square on the screen. Nevertheless it was a huge commercial success and also jump-started the games industry as we know it today.Developing games have become much more complex since then. Many disciplines come together, from artists to writers and from musicians to programmers. This is the reason why we from Monobanda Digital regard game development as a true craft. Or to be specific; the combination of many crafts. Every game is different and therefore needs its own group of specialists.

Starting a Project

The one thing that has stayed the same for all this time is the beginning. You can only develop a game when you have a good idea. This is the beginning of your development process. This is the phase where we brainstorm a lot together with our client. An analysis to truly understand what they want and what kind of game suits them best. Because a good idea for a game is only a good idea if it fits the needs of the client.

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Grasping the Concept

Games are a visual medium, combined with the interaction this create the strong attraction games have on people. Already at the very first concept phase we use drawings and sketches to communicate our ideas. This can be flowcharts to explain the level structure or simple sketches of the intended characters.

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Production Time!

When the final concept has been thought out, the gameplay elements are tested on the target audience and all the technical challenges have been mapped out, the real work begins. This is the moment the production phase start. All the decisions and outcomes from the previous two phases are now being transformed into the actual game. For us, this is always a magical moment, because everything starts to come alive.

(Click on the gallery for some examples of our production phase)