About Us

We are Monobanda Digital and we help developing games. If your company wants to have a game, you call us.
We are part of the Monobanda Collective; a group of entities that all work within different parts of the game industry. Within the collective we are the game development studio.

For who?

We love to work for companies that strive to deliver high-quality products that make the world a better, more beautiful place. Companies that enrich the lives of the people they serve. For us, game development is a real craft and we also treat it as one. Every project we take on is therefore always unique, 100% customer focused and executed by professionals.

Challenge us!

Because craftsmanship is paramount with us, we cannot take on all assignments. But we always want to hear from you! So, whether you are thinking about making a game, or you are already in development but could need some extra assistance, be sure to get in contact with us.

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How we work

We are a team of enthusiastic game developers and business people. For us, an ideal collaboration will always start with an analysis phase. This is an important phase where we will brainstorm a lot with you. What are your wishes and your ideas? Why do you want to have a game? To whom is it targeted at? How does it fit in your business model and strategy? Etc…
Once we have a clear understanding of all your wishes, we will work on the first concepts of the game. The genre, the platform, the art style and everything else that will make the game so much fun to play. Once the concept is clear and you are also happy with it, we can develop the actual game for you. When the game is finished, the last step will be to integrate it neatly in your organisation.

The Team

Monobanda Digital consists of a small core-team and a huge network of professionals.
Every project is new and unique, therefore it needs its own unique team to work on it. When you collaborate with us, we will start with mapping out the project and then assemble a team of the best professionals. This is our way to secure our craftsmanship and to assure that you will get the best end result possible.

Mathijs Konings
Founder and Producer
Sjoerd Wennekes
Founder and General Manager

Our Associates

Meet some of the professionals who have been, or are still working a lot with us. (click on their picture to learn more)