The Case – Summary

We came in contact with the owner of Yumble, an interactive theme park that was already in construction and would soon open its doors. He told us that the park was missing an attraction where the kids could freely walk around in. Would it be possible for us to design and develop such an interactive attraction? Oh, and the opening of the park was due in three months!

The main challenge in this project was to design an attraction that would be easy to understand, relative easy to produce and overwhelmingly awesome to play. After a few brainstorming sessions we were able to tackle all these problems. The best way to describe The Labyrinth is as a real life kid-friendly science fiction shooter game (see videos and photos).

Since we only had three months to build the game, we had to use the given time as efficient as possible! Thanks to a good production flow, good communications with the client and a very skill-full team, we where able to effectively finish this project.

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The Case – Full Story

Interactive Amusement Park
“Would you like to design a ride for our new amusement park?” That’s not a question we get very often. But it is one we always wanted to get asked!
The questioner in case was Daan de Kruijk, an ambitious and innovative entrepreneur. Together with his business partner he came up with a “concept for the first theme park in the world that responds to the world we live in today.
This theme park is the interactive world of Yumble; 9000 square meters (95,000 sq ft) filled with all sorts of rides and attractions. The binding factor between all the rides is that they are all made with the newest technologies. Expect rides that exploit Video Mapping, Virtual Reality, Game Interactions, Augmented Reality, 4D and many more awesome stuff.

Little Time
Daan and his colleague had already spent a few years working on Yumble. All the plans and investments were already in place. Even the construction of the park was already at 80% when we first met Daan. But there was still something missing; an attraction where the kids could move freely and interact with the physical surroundings. That’s where we came in.
Once we knew all the technicalities, we could start the project. Since there was only a small development period, we had to come up with an easy to understand but overwhelming concept. After a few brainstorming sessions, The Labyrinth was born. An interactive maze with Augmented Reality targets.

Classic Science Fiction
Probably the best way to describe The Labyrinth is as a real-life version of a kid-friendly shooter game. Players receive a sci-fi space gun, complete with a screen in every gun, at the entrance of the maze. At every corner they see special markers on the walls. Aiming the gun at the markers will show a target on the screen; a wheel with yellow balls. Now the players have to shoot as many as they can within a time limit. The further the player progresses in the labyrinth, the harder the game becomes.

We deliberately choose to design both the gun and the game in a 1960’s science fiction style. The main reason for this, is that it’s a very friendly and accessible design for both children and their parents. This project demanded a style that would include everyone.

3D Printing
After a few prototypes and testing days, where Daan and his colleagues gave feedback, we finalized the project in February 2015. For the production of the space guns, we used a 3D-printer. This provided us with a whole new set of challenges. But they were easily overcome. After printing all the pieces and assembling more than 30 guns, we are now confident enough to say that we understand 3D printing.

Yumble opened its doors in March 2015, with our attraction standing firmly next to a dozen other attractions, while we only had a fraction of their budget and development time. Based on the feedback of the visitors we know that The Labyrinth is a worthy addition to the park.