Nott’s Flying Friends

The Case – Summary

After the success of Nott Won’t Sleep, publisher Developlay came to us for a new game about Nott. This game would again be based on the same scientific principles, and the target players were again toddlers. After some brainstorming the decision was made to make the game less story driven.

Instead the main feature would be gameplay, so kids can enjoy the game as long as they want. Also this game would be free to download so it could serve as a promotion tool for Nott Won’t Sleep. The result is the sweet Nott’s Flying Friends where the player flies around with Nox, the cuddly toy of Nott. Everything in the game is interactive and players are encouraged to explore as much as possible.

Nott’s Flying Friends is the first expansion in Nott’s World and an important growth step for our client.

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The Case – Full Story

This project is a follow-up to the Nott Won’t Sleep project. So for full context and understanding, you might want to read that case also.

A link to the project is here.

Making a Sequel
After the critically acclaimed Nott Won’t Sleep, it was time for a new game that is set in the same universe. Developlay, the publisher behind the game, sought the help of a branding agency to develop the best strategy. Since the character Nott became so loved by both the players and critics, it was decided to make her the star of every new game and other media outing. (Note: we never decided if Nott was a boy or a girl. For us Nott represents all children, regardless of their gender. But internally we always spoke of “her”. That’s why Nott is written in the female form here) She wouldn’t have to be the main playable character, but it would be her world, with her friends and her objects. From this point, all the communication would go via Nott’s World, instead of Developlay.

Once we had discussed the strategy and plans with Developlay, we started to dig in the pile of feedback we got from players and parents. One of the points that many parents told us, was that they wished the game was longer. Not as much in a narrative or story way, they thought that was done just fine. But the actual playtime of a Nott Won’t Sleep session was more or less always the same. This wasn’t the type of game that kids could play as long as they wanted.

New Genre
In conjunction with Developlay we decided to make a new game that is less story driven but more game-play driven. We choose for the “endless runner” genre. This is a game style where the game just keeps on going. The game would be free to download and would also serve as a promotional tool for the original Nott Won’t Sleep. All the lessons we learned from the first game, especially concerning child psychology and how children experience games, were used here again. This increased the productivity and efficiency immensely.

The end result is Nott’s Flying Friends, where you play as the cuddly toy Nox and you fly on Coddy, the pillow. Both of them also starred in the first game. In the game you fly freely around in the world, finding all sorts of new friends that want to join you in the flight. Just like the first game, there is only progression. Players are encouraged to explore and interact with everything they see.
Nott’s Flying Friends is the first online expansion in Nott’s World and it is an important growth step for our client.

The Team

We worked together with the following professionals:
Developlay – Client
Monobanda Play – Gameplay and interaction design
Lizzywanders – Lead visuals and design
Rajiv Krijnen – Lead programmer
Claynote – Music and audio
Iwein Visual Performance – Animations
Kevin Wassink – Junior artist
Teun van Dingenen – Android port

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